Flexible Plywood

This is the dream solution for today's furniture manufacturers and carpenters. A combination of conventional materials and modern technology, it is ideal for curved or rounded structures, especially when small radii are required.

It can be easily bent by hand and gives tremendous flexibility to any application.

Flexiply is made of Gurjan species, And these species from the north east range of forests, exclusively with phenolic resin which conditions it to undergo extreme climatic changes. It is available in both cross grain and long grain in 1.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 18mm thicknesses.

It has a bending radius of 360 at minimum for

4mm - Up to 7cm diameter
6mm - Up to 10cm diameter
8mm - Up to 12cm diameter


HardWood plywood, also known as Curve-Ply, Flexply, Wacky Wood and Wiggle wood, bending plywood, is normally made out of hardwood imported veneers with the layers all running in one direction, this allows bendability to the panel and can be applied on a curved radius. Our stocked bending plywood is manufactured in the United States and distributed throughout the country.

Application :
Used in variety of cabinet applications, curved furniture parts and fixtures such as displays in department stores, restaurants, commercial buildings and building of spiral stairways. Most times it will be overlaid in a custom application with veneer, high pressure laminate, for finished columns or other rounded or curved radius surfaces..


This flexible plywood panel is commonly called 'bendy plywood' or 'flexiply', and is used extensively in furniture and shopfitting, wherever curves are desirable, thus demanding a panel that is extremely flexible. Plywood with this flexible characteristic is manufactured from specially treated veneers, usually with a thinner central core veneer and two thicker 'tenderized' outer veneers. The special construction of particular species of veneers gives an unusually large degree of flexibility and offers a most cost-effective way of producing rounded columns and other curved structures of very small radius in rounded or S-shaped structures without water or the need for heat-forming.